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Battery Service

So, you turn the key in the ignition  – “CLICK!” –  Nothing.


Your car’s alternator fully charges your battery once you have started your car and you have driven about 20 minutes.

Most people believe that it is the cold weather that is the worst on your battery. It’s not. But the power required to turn over an engine full of cold, viscous fluids reveals the damage caused by hot weather and drivers.

As drivers, folks do things like leave the light on when the car is off, allow the terminals corrode, or not drive long enough to fully charge the battery. During hot weather, additional wear on the life expectancy of your battery comes from the effects of overheating (water loss, expansion, etc.) Or, perhaps, it’s simply a faulty component in your charging system ( like your car’s rascally regulator.)

How Kost can help:

Free Battery Charging System Check – recommended yearly. A certified technician will perform a battery load test to assure that your charging system is working properly by measuring the strength and condition of your battery. And when the time comes that you need a new battery, come see us. We carry trusted Interstate Batteries and proudly recognize the 30 month free replacement.

Kost Cares Technicians’ Tip: Between visits keep your battery from draining by cleaning that conductive dirt off your terminals with a little mixture of baking soda and water.

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