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Transmission Flush Service


Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Service is often overlooked, leading to automatic transmission shifting troubles and premature repairs and even very costly replacement. Fluid contamination and overheating cause 90% of automatic transmission failures.

A typical “drain and refill” service only replaces 40% of the old, dirty ATF, leaving the rest trapped inside transmission cooler lines, the torque converter and valve bodies. Standard “drain and fill” service may lead to shifting problem and even transmission failure because it can loosen harmful sediment and varnish deposits.

An automatic transmission replacement can cost $2,000 or more.

Here’s how Kost can help:

Kost Automatic Transmission Flush Service safely removes the harmful sediment and varnish deposits and replaces 95% of the used fluid. Kost technicians add conditioners to the fresh ATF, which lengthen the ATF life span, while rejuvenating seals and O-rings to help maintain smooth shifting.

Check with your vehicle manufacturer for service recommendations, likely every 2 yrs or 30,000 miles. Let Kost help keep your car care costs down by maintaining your vehicle regularly so you can drive worry free.

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